1,984 notes - 24 July, 2014

The fifty shades of grey movie trailer looks shit. Would rather watch a porno instead.

8 hours ago

Adidas overload

The Temptations. 

hope i get the job, i’d be able to get a new car and a vespa within a few months. 

15 hours ago

Had the outline re done and need to sort the target out but cba: don’t ever use sudocrem when letting your tattoos heal it’ll fuck it up :( #fredperry

Just got some blonde hair dye, this should be interesting if it Actually works. Bye bye ginger hair

22 hours ago

83 notes - 24 July, 2014

Still need to save up £600+ to get leg sleeve tattoos. Being poor ain’t the one

1 day ago

Anonymous: Dude I feel bad for you, it's actually just getting sick and a bit fucking wrong now.

I just find it hilarious how all these anons are obsessed with me. Can’t help it 💁

1 day ago

Anonymous: more than me you are worthy. I'm just an anon who is pervy. but you are cute as fuck. i'd write you in my sex-fueled book. but it might cause some controversy.

……. Aha

1 day ago

Anonymous: You get some really creepy/pervy anons. God humanity is shite

I know they’re the only people that are attracted to me as well. What is life

1 day ago

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