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It’s nearly 3 and I’m wide awake thinking about dique.

7 hours ago

My whole life is a joke.

13 hours ago

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you know you’re bored when you make an account on the mod generation website. 

13 hours ago


things I like 

  • older men
  • older men in suits
  • older men who call me a good girl
  • older men
  • older men with tattoos
  • friends with hot dads
  • older men who smell good
  • older men

14 hours ago





All you need to know

I almost spit milk all over my keyboard. 

Isreal, UK and USA confirmed for ass hole states.

our government is complicit in every single death.

Absolute piss take man, get paid and go on the fred perry website to find out the shirts I wanted have been sold out. I hate life man

20 hours ago


Lonely Pub, Yorkshire, 1964, John Bulmer 

i might be getting laid this week. ikr life changing 

1 day ago

Don’t know if people are checking me out or shocked at how ugly I am

1 day ago

Don’t know wether I’m horny, hungry or bored or just all three.

1 day ago

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