Audrey Hepburn in a publicity shot for Green Mansions (1959).
Anonymous: are you ok? I hope you're ok. I don't know what to say but I'm worried about you.

Meh I’m fine thanks, getting it all sorted out should have my own place soon hopefully

13 hours ago

Cringey generic couple photo #truluv @calum_okeefe
Time to get @calum_okeefe a job the dosser
@calum_okeefe  CP company bragoggles #casual #stoneisland #trendsetter

Off to see mr-rudy tomorrow and spend the weekend with him. Excited much :)

4 days ago

i have 47 soul songs to listen to and then give a review of my top 5 so i can get more to listen to. Gonna be the princess of soul in no time.

32 notes - 28 August, 2014

mr-rudy the poser

I just wanna cuddle up with my baby :((

6 days ago

inbetweeners 2 is so bad it’s good

6 days ago

Anonymous: id fight a army, take you for a great night out, but fuck that lol it would only happen cause i think your great not only for a fuck lol

or why not just send me money that would be a lot easier? aww well ain’t that cute eh

6 days ago

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